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Side A - Wellness, Meditative & Therapeutic Practices

Side B - Co-op Media Community and Independent Media Ideology

○ Natural Health and Healing, Energy Medicine & Meditation.

○ A Path to Spiritual Well-being and Professional Ethic

○ Ancient Indigenous Techniques for Entering and Maintaining the Natural Flow of Life

○ Focus Determining Reality, Keeping your Integrity

Many people will live their entire lives without realizing their purpose. This is mostly due to the many distractions and high level of adversity produced by modern society. But it is also partially due the search for meaning which can easily redirect our path and distort our perspective when not translated contextually.   

Balance, in and of itself, should not be a continual life-long struggle. Balance should be a healthy, productive activity in which we continually engage after reaching a plateau of enlightenment. 

Goals are not arbitrary. Neither is your true purpose. Life balancing begins with identifying the root cause of imbalance and embracing a solution that works best for you. 

Ask yourself questions:  

Are you unhappy or depressed more often than not? Do you often feel unnecessarily tired and/or stressed?

Do you feel angry or afraid during personal interaction rather than composed and confident?

These are symptoms of imbalance. Disorientation, despair, disillusion and discouragement are a burden that you, as a human being, were not designed to bear.  

An important thing to remember is that you are not alone. 

Many people in society in all walks of life share a wide array of feelings and emotions.

We are all looking for answers on some level. When I was a small child, my grandmother told me that when I look for answers in life, I should begin by looking in the mirror. She was exactly right.

Human beings are reactionary creatures. We react to our environment more intensively than any other animal on earth. There is no such thing as human nature – only human behavior. Unlike most animals and unlike all other mammals, Humans do not instinctively form a symbiosis with our surroundings. The largest part of the problem is systemic; in that our collective society is part of “systems of control” that we can merely react to. The way in which we react to these systems shapes our being as individuals.

I am very proud of my Afro-Asiatic, Native American and Melungo-Creole cultural heritage. 

My "old folks" were a combination of Melungeon (Melungo), Negro, Cherokee, Catawba, Croatan/Roanoac and Pacific Islander. Most of whom, in addition to being religious scholars and ordained ministers, also practiced natural healing, vitalism, shamanism and divination. They were medicine men and women who believed that the earth provides everything humans will ever need, and does so naturally.

Throughout most of my early adulthood and start of my career, I was contemptuous of the foundations of my ancestry. I rejected natural law. I embraced entropy. I denied entire aspects of my existence. Everyone is young once. Everyone makes the mistakes young people make. The more mistakes you make at age 25, the fewer you will make at age 50. Nature is more intelligent than any of us. Knowledge plus intelligence is wisdom. Because I was taught early on about the value of integrity, I never forgot about the wisdom of the old folks and I never buried my past and that of my forebears. As a writer I had a gut feeling that these elements were shaping my being, despite my lack of awareness and acknowledgement. So, whether I liked it or not, I kept and maintained secrets and traditions passed down for almost 200 years. Now that I have reached middle age, I can help provide the context and mindset required to bring these practices into daily life and invite the kind of personal prosperity we deserve.

Through the understanding of social deconstructionist philosophy, I can share my experience and lead by competent example in the world of independent media, art and entertainment. Through the understanding of  ancient Astrotheology, Gnosticism and vitalist knowledge of spirituality I can introduce the shamanic practice of attracting the energies necessary for true fulfillment and satisfaction. My practices can serve as a guide in dealing with the material as well as spiritual world; and the achievement of balance between them, which is crucial for long term well-being. I share techniques that I apply to my daily life as well as reveal and discuss indigenous knowledge kept secret for centuries as well as innovative, progressive solutions for balance, stability, mental health and prosperity.

These techniques and methods remove the negative energy that prevents you from being happy, well-adjusted, and self-aware. I am happy to share knowledge, gain understanding and have open discussions on natural health and healing, energy transition, soul retrieval, shamanic journeying, energy medicine, metaphysical catharsis and esoteric Gnostic spirituality. These foundations of balance allow me to embrace my creative and artistic self while simultaneously providing confidence for the technical and scientific aspects of my career and purpose. 

By learning about our true human potential, we are able to tap into the flow of universal energy: the energy of giving and receiving, and as a result, we realize our connection to life's energizing flow. Gaining a new perspective on life in general allows us to recognize and accept opportunities for health and happiness.

Discover the natural/universal laws of individual peace and prosperity. Learn how to identify the energy that resonates within you and how to channel your biorhythms to live a productive, successful life. Realize the truth of what spirituality means to you personally and how to accept and maintain it. Ancient enlightenment techniques allow us to enter the spirit realm using only our unconscious thought. Learn how to remove specific obstacles that prevent you from inviting and maintaining peace, love, success, tranquility and prosperity into your life.

I am not a guru, or a prophet. I am a human being. I am a writer and publisher of philosophical, poetic and biographical narratives. I have been trained in reiki, feng shui, meditation, natural health, energy medicine and shamanism - in addition to media production, information technology, life-coaching and design. 

I have studied philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and alchemy. I earned degrees, diplomas and certifications in business, communications, technology and filmmaking. However, life is not about degrees and diplomas. It’s not about stressful work and material possessions. It’s not about greed, vanity, hate and fear. It is about growing as an individual, understanding your reactions to your environment and continually learning to live and prosper as a happy, healthy human being. You are welcome join me. Begin your walk on the path to true success, health and well-being.

Here are some basic meditations for simple, everyday guidance.

Live naturally, resonate in harmony with self and let your conscience be your guide.

1. Creativity is a spontaneous movement of spiritual energy within the Human Soul.

2. Determination is the fuel for the engine of desire. Failure is how we learn to succeed.

3. Negative energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be removed, released and replaced.

4. Always follow your heart. How you feel is closer the truth than you think.

5. True happiness cannot be "possessed", it can only be shared and experienced.

6. Shamanic meditation begins and ends "here and now". It is not a substitute for reality -

It is Reality. The body, the mind and the spirit all exist on an equal plane.

7. Do not look at a path to a destination as an achievement. Rather look to the journey itself -

you cannot become that which you aspire to - unless you can be it where you are right now.

8. To love Nature is to love your true Self. Love of Nature is an expression of human essence.

9. Spirituality is obscured by Ego. Never allow ego to get in the way of enlightenment.

10. You alone have the power to reach your goals.You alone have the power to maintain enlightenment.

Here are some guidelines for success in independent media

and anti-establishment professions.

1. Never, Ever Give up. Even if you have to work at a job you hate, make time to do those things that you always wanted to do for a living - even if it's only a couple of hours a week.

2. When dealing with the mainstream establishment, make sure to keep your contractual distance; 

maintain the rights to all your work and ideas, including potential projects.

3. Don't oversell yourself. Self promotion is a slippery slope. Think of self marketing

as if it were like using scented grooming products. Practice using just the right amount.

4. Don't spread yourself too thin. Too many listed professions gives an impression of uncertainty.

If your lines of work are related, you can list 5-6. If unrelated list no more than 3.

Example: either "singer/actor/dancer/director/producer" or "stylist/photographer/engineer"

5. Find and Maintain Hobbies and Interests, no matter what else is going on in your life.

You never know when you may get paid to do the things you love.

6. GET TRAINING in your desired field. Either through lessons, school or on-the-job.

Do not just think you can roll out of bed and be great at something.

7. When someone asks "what do you do for a living", never give a job title or company name.

Tell them exactly what you do, or would like to do. The conversation will flow from there.

8. Keep small talk "small". When you meet someone with whom you know you will get along,

the communication should remain organic and will follow accordingly.

If you know you are probably never going to see that person again,

there is no need to share intimate details of your life and long term goals.

9. Diversify (within reason). Allow your skills and talents to incorporate multiple genres.

10. Listen to your heart and follow your instincts. Use your better judgement.

Practice your decision making. Don't let anyone make you into something you're not.

Buy my Book. It's Cheap. 

 - and I always appreciate and acknowledge the support

Always Never Forever

Philosophy. Psychology. Spirituality. Satire.Six monologues in subtextual narrative format present a diverse and eclectic view of the self, the world and the universe from writer-director & poet/author Skip Pulley. No subject is off-limits and all opinions are weighed against an objective point of view. Semi-autobiographical, satirical and engaging, this book bridges the gap between metaphysics and epistemology by way of existentialism and transcendental spirituality.This is recommended reading for free thinkers, historical revisionists and spiritual pioneers searching for truth in the modern age.

Please visit to order your copy on kindle or paperback.

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Thank you.

Skip Pulley

(Fearless Wildcat / Wildcat Kahuna / He who seeks the truth)

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