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My current and upcoming book projects are listed below.

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"if you love what you do for work, then it's not work - it's love" Skip Pulley

Always Never Forever

Subtextual Narrative; Monologue Format

Always Never Forever is now available.

To purchase the Paperback ($6.99) or Amazon Kindle Version ($2.99), which can be read on any device (notebook, tablet, PC, phone) please click on the book cover below.

Thank you for all your love and support.

Philosophy. Psychology. Spirituality. Satire. Six monologues in subtextual narrative format present a diverse and eclectic view of the self, the world and the universe from writer/director & audiojournalist Skip Pulley. No subject is off-limits and all opinions are weighed against an objective point of view. Semi-autobiographical, satirical and engaging, ANF bridges the gap between metaphysics and epistemology by way of existentialism and transcendental spirituality.

This is recommended reading for free thinkers, historical revisionists and spiritual pioneers searching for truth in the modern age. To view the footnotes and bibliography, or to review & discuss the book in an online forum, please visit

Unto My Soul - Selected Poems & Prose
Amazon Kindle Version is only $1.99, which can be read on any device (notebook, tablet, PC, phone). 

The paperback is only $5.99.

"Poetry is like the truth, in that most people dislike both to the same degree, for the same reason. Poetry and Truth are despised by pop culture because of their natural beauty - rather than despite it, especially in our artificial world. The small percentage of people who actually enjoy hearing, reading and writing poetry often have the same affinity for the truth in the same basic context. Truth and poetry are multi-layered and have subjective and objective aspects. Simply put, they both are what they are." SP

The eBook and Paperback are now available at amazon.

*This book also contains the lyrics to all of the spoken word material on my Album "Take Yourself: A Decade of Sentient Oblivion, 2001-2010" 

Prolonged Exposure to Sunlight

Novel, Drama/Mystery

(currently in writing phase)

I wonder how other people wake up, he thinks to himself. Not in a philosophic, sociological or spiritual sense, I mean actually wake up from a state of being physically asleep. When I am waking up, I feel myself sliding back into my body. Floating upward and drifting into my flesh and bones, which lies still; awaiting the return of my consciousness. He stares at his hands for a while, then rubs his eyes.

While keeping his eyes closed, he breathes deeply. Sometimes as I am waking up I feel as if my spirit is sliding into a flesh and bone jumpsuit, which in turn, I slide out of each time I fall asleep. I suppose we are all nothing more than ghosts piloting a carcass through a land of make believe. But I know that can’t be true. He stands and looks back at the woman who was sleeping beside him. Because there is no we. There is only me…and you.

(Barachiel/Gabriel, main character)

Letters from the Alpha Zone


(currently in post production phase)

We enter a  room that has antiques on tables and sideboards. There are old paintings on each wall. The detail of all the antiques and paintings would change each time I looked at them. Noting was static. I never saw the same item twice. The furniture looked to be original Victorian era. Suddenly the young lady opens a canned beverage and hands it to me. I am amazed for some reason that she actually opened it for me. I don’t know where it came from and I didn’t ask what it was. I took a drink and leaned against a doorjamb of the open door we had come though. The beverage had no recognizable taste or temperature. I stared at the young lady for a long while. I finally asked her, Where am I?” (instead of "where are we"?) - as if I knew that either she was not real, or I was not actually there. She began to laugh. Her hair, which was no particular color and every single color all at once, was whisked away from her face with her left hand and her eyes danced as her body pulsated to the rhythm of her laughter. She finally said, “You know”. It was clear that I had been in that house before, but I still had no idea where I was. I looked away from her to try to identify the art or the antiques in the room, to give myself a point of reference. When I looked back towards her, she was gone.

You Will Never Get Out of Dealey Plaza Alive

The confluence of treachery and overlapping agendas

that lead to 76 murders in Dallas, Texas from 1963 to 1976

Beginning with the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Historical Revision, Research Journal

(currently in development phase)

It is interesting to note how the deaths are grouped. Many of the earliest deaths came during the time of the Warren Commission investigation or just afterwards. Some significant deaths also took place in the late 1960s as New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison was launching his own investigation. Other suspicious deaths occurred during the mid-1970s, as the Senate Intelligence Committee was looking into assassinations by U.S. intelligence agencies.

Sourced from "Coup d’Etat", by Barry Jones

Always. Never. Forever.

This is my second book. It is a set of introspective narrative monologues available on e-book format. Please visit

Time in Outer Space

This is a podcast series of Life and Social Commentary. It is currently streaming on Youtube.

Spoken Word Albums and Tracks

My spoken word recordings are available online for listening and downloads.

Malchick Films

My avant-garde and independent films are featured

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