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Hello and Welcome. Thank you for visiting my site.
I'm Skip Pulley. I created this site to bring together all the elements of my being.
My goal is to lead by example and learn as much as possible about life and the living universe. 

My life has evolved into a symbiotic dualism. "Flip-sides" of the same coin. 
On one side I practice energy healing, meditation, natural health and spirituality (the YIN)
On the other side I write, direct, podcast, record, research, lecture and teach (the YANG)

A list of life services I provide include:
Muay Thai training areaMeditation - Allegra certified meditation instructor
Energy Healing - Allegra certified in energy medicine
(Reiki and Shamanic healing)
Feng Shui - I have reached the level of Feng Shui Master.
Muay Thai - (for weight-loss and self defense)
I built a private training area in my bamboo garden

☼ Guided, Focused and Mindfulness Meditation
☼ Shamanic Meditation, Journeying & Energy Healing
☼ Reiki Energy Healing | Kundalini Energy Healing
☼ Personalized Feng Shui & Life-force Flow Charts
☼ Natural Health and Healing - Strength Training/Diet & Nutrition
☼ Life Coaching and Spiritual Guidance

For questions or to schedule an introductory session, call 704 931 1019.
®™ H. Allen Consulting

A list of  media services I offer include:
Writing, Editing, Ghostwriting & Publishing
Direction; film, music video, commercial, broadcast
Self-Ownership, DBA and Co-op Consultation
Creative Writing and Independent Filmmaking Instruction
Voice-over and Audio-book services
Feel free to contact me for information at 980 263 9175
®™ H. Allen Media Group

Some of my critics consider me the first true existentialist of the 21st century.
It is a large part of my being. But overall I owe my existence to a life-long search for truth.
This search holds the meaning of Human existence. The purpose of my life is to discover that truth. Spirituality is essentially a state of being. As a result, Spirits of every living thing are all around us: In the wind, in the rays of the sun, in every drop of rain and in every spark of fire.
We all continually live on multiple planes of existence; in multiple dimensions, simultaneously.
It is therefore possible to transcend the fabric of space and time by understanding and applying the laws of the living universe. Technically, neither space nor time actually exist. They are just "constructs" of the human psyche.

I am a writer. I have been a writer since I knew how to write.
Eventually, I became a comedy writer; because I am naturally satirical and I can see that there is a grain of truth in every so-called joke.
Comedian Larry Miller once said; "good comics look at the world and they see a funny place, great comics look at the world and they don't."
Pure comedy (and satire in my case) is always based on truth.
Truth is always the real objective.
There is humor in truth just as there is truth in humor.
Having a sense of humor is important to maintain life balance with the universe.
Here is an abstract of my understanding. These are my personal examples. Everyone has their own.
1. I take time because I make time. I don't rush. It will be there when I get there - or it won't.   
2. I do not hate anyone or anything. I have forgone all the hatred in my heart and soul forever.
3. I am completely non-violent. (Keep in mind, self-defense and sport are not considered violence.)
4. I do not participate in the corrupt national political process. I directly support my community.
5. I do not believe in good and evil. I believe in the existence of negative and positive energy.
6. I never watch "news" on television or listen to it on the radio.
7. I believe that everyone has a purpose and that all human life has a singular meaning.
8. I have learned to control both anger and fear. I do not make judgments based solely on emotion.
9. I am the skeptic optimist. The glass is half full, but I only drink when I'm thirsty.
10. I am a pure anti-materialist minimalist. My wants never outweigh my needs.
To understand this way of thinking, you must un-learn everything you have been taught by established authority in systemic society for most of your life.
The purpose of primary, secondary and high schools is to teach young people how to "conform".
Their top priority is to teach them to obey. This is why you must always continue to provide guidance for your children. The things you teach them directly and allow them to learn on their own will shape their being as adults. It is a fact that most of the "historical facts" in my grade school textbook no longer appear in books today. Why? So-called "History" does not change.
Those in authority simply realized that a particular set of lies are no longer agreed upon.
The purpose of Colleges and Universities is even more specific.
Their purpose is to teach you how to get (and keep) a job, how to assimilate, how to make money, how to pressure yourself and others over basically nothing and above all, how to be as average as possible. College is merely a normalization factory. The reason college social life is so wild and uninhibited is because society has designated that stage of your life for getting all the "wild" behavior out of your system.
When you graduate into adulthood, you are expected to line up with all of the other societal drones and march to the exact same music (i.e. the "formula") for the rest of your life, in order to be "normal";

School - Job - Marriage - Home-buying - Children - Vacations - Consumption - Pointless Work  - Boredom - Another Job - Grandchildren - More work - Retirement - More Boredom - Long Pointless Battles with Illness - and eventually Death. And that is if you're lucky. On average, go ahead and throw in unnecessary social pressure, separation, divorce, constant stress, preventable disease, depression, pointless exhaustion of energy, insecurity, self-consciousness, psychological issues and emotional trauma.

All the while living in consistent debt, subject to man-made systems of control, dying slowly as voluntary slaves of large corporations, living in fear, anxiety and sickness; while being conditioned to accept hatred, greed, fear and contempt for your fellow human beings. From within the system, all we can do is try fight against this social conditioning while seeking truth and happiness in life. The real truth is, the system can't be changed, it can only be torn down or otherwise destroyed. Because people inherently fear this destruction, most of us willingly trade life-long spiritual harmony and true happiness for materialism and fleeting moments of false contentment, selfish accomplishment, social recognition and uneasy complacency.
 I realize that some people can only exist in the sphere of mediocrity. It's safe and comforting.
But some of us realize that human existence is in a perpetually transitory state. All matter - living and non-living, is in a constant state of motion and/or growth. Some of us seek a higher consciousness as a part of our being.
Some of us seek understanding of our spiritual origin, evolution and nexus - not just "proof" of a singular spiritual consciousness; we have proof. We are the living proof.
For the record, every School, at every level, both public and private - are not in and of themselves detrimental to human development. They are merely a part of the system.
They only have as much control over you and your children as you allow. The key is to understand the school system's true purpose of conformity and to understand our overall learning process.
Learning can take place anywhere. Learning can be spontaneous.
Most importantly, learning should be life-long. It is essential to growth and development as a human being.
To illustrate my point, I have listed below 10 universal truths which are not taught in any school system.
1. Business "ethics" are basically a set of lies. Truth is the enemy of market economics.

2. Money is debt, and debt is money. Money can only be created by the creation of debt.

3. The Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets are not that which we have been lead to believe.

4. There is no such thing as human nature, only human behavior. Humans are 94% reactionary beings.

5. Politics runs on the built-in element of corruption, If that element is removed, politics cannot function.

6. Religion and the Monetary System are the only two effective systems of control in the history of humanity.

7. If everyone paid off all their debt, without generating new debt, the economic system would collapse.

8. There is no such thing as luck or coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. All matter has purpose. Randomness is a deception.

9. The propagation of free energy technology will cause the current system to collapse immediately.

10. Neither "the big bang" or "end of time" exist. The universe is infinite. There is no beginning or end.
Do not automatically accept my words as absolute truth.
Do your own research. Follow your own path.
 I am here to commune, collect and cooperate with those who seek guidance and support.
Of course, there is no set value on wisdom. It is individualized and contextual.
A basic understanding of universal truth starts with the acknowledgment of equality and equity.
Giving and receiving are equal. Neither one is more important than the other.
The equal process of giving and receiving is a necessary first step toward enlightenment.
Please explore my website and discover the truth that exists as your path toward health and happiness.
If you would like to find out more, feel free to contact me anytime.
Thank you for visiting! I hope to see you again!
Check back weekly for updates to my websites and blogs.


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