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Time in Outer Space podcast interview with H.A. Pulley I,  M.Th.
from Boston University on the concept of christos/anti-christos or Christ/Antichrist.
On this episode of the Time in Outer Space podcast we will discuss the four
Biblical references to "AntiChrist" in the King James version of the new testament.
Our discussion will primarily focus on the complete lack of definitive a article, "the" preceding the word Antichrist in any biblical reference.

Time in Outer Space Self Awakening and Self Awareness Series - Human Growth & Development and Decalcifying the Pineal Gland.
The focus is on human growth and development, the psychology of self and how to open and activate the pineal gland or the spiritual third eye. Featuring Bruce Lipton, PhD. author of "Biology of Belief" and Ralph Smart, author of "Feel Alive". The Bruce Lipton audio is from an interview with Stewart Benjamin, director of the 2009 film Kymatica. The Ralph Smart audio is entitled "awaken your infinite power".

the Soundboy Show Super Soul Series, Volume 1 - Soul, Jump Blues and Swing
featuring Lil' Bob, Wynonie Harris, Roy Montrell, Big Joe Turner, James Brown, Little Walter, Sam and Dave, Otis Redding and many more.

The Soundboy Show,  Hipshaker & Mod Garage
Welcome to the Mod Garage! Brought to you by Catharsis Hipster Swag, the hippest online store in the universe. Please visit the website - It's Swagtastic!

The Soundboy Show,  Live on Location
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Self-Opinion debate/Kids are harsh
the Soundboy Show, with your host Skip Pulley live on location in Charlotte, NC - Summer 2017 at the 3 on 3 tournament and sneaker expo. With special guest Khianna Palmer.

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