Skip Pulley - the Wildcat Kahuna
Kahuna Life™
Personalized 3-Month Wellness and Spirituality Program
Health & Strength

Life Changing, Life Affirming and guidance to Life in Abundance.
See below for full program details.

First Series, 4 Weeks
Week One:
Meditation and Cleansing
Week Two:
Nutrition and Environment
Week Three:
Energies and Spirit Guides
Week Four:
Awakening and Awareness
Series 1 Conversation and Essay

Second Series, 4 Weeks
Week One:
Diet and Exercise
Week Two:
Week Three:
Chakras and Bio-field
Week Four:
Series 2 Conversation and Essay

Third Series, 4 Weeks
Week One:
Mental and Psychological Training – Neuroplasticity
Week Two:
Emotional and Sociological Training – Egalitarianism
Week Three:
Spiritual and Existential Training - Transcendentalism
Week Four:
Physical Training and Sustainability - life direction
Final Exit Essay

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