Skip Pulley - the Wildcat Kahuna
Feng Shui Life Balance Services 
Flowcharts, Home Decor and Home Environment

I offer in-home and online personalized feng shui services to help achieve life balance.

Flowcharts, Star & Element Charts and Organization
Koi Ponds and Zen Gardens
Wholesale Furniture and Artwork
Landscaping and Gardening Consultation

Feng Shui is much more than furniture arrangement and design. It's a personal elemental way of being.

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Retro Decor Slideshow
A slideshow of 60's and 70's Mid Century Modern Decor.


I design and build koi ponds, zen gardens and meditation areas.

If you're interested in having your own pond or garden, please email me at

Collage Art 
Some of my works are for sale. Please inquire if interested.
I am also available for commissioned artwork.

follow my instagram to see all my work

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