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My Services
Life & Health ○ Media & Creative

Available All-Natural Therapeutic Services, Natural Remedies, Wellness Guides and Mediation Instruction
I offer the following Natural Therapeutic Wellness Services:

Shamanic Meditation & Journeying   
Reiki Energy Healing  
Feng Shui    
Qi Gong (chi kung)       
Gnosticism Study & Fellowship     
Kundalini Energy Healing      
Dream Interpretation

I also offer the following Natural Botanical products and services:

Natural and Organic Botanicals 
Hand-Made Soap   
Natural Cures and Remedies  
Homeopathic Treatment   
Isotonic Therapy   
Toxin Removal  
Metaphysics & Naturopathy

Call 704 931 1019
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Available Multimedia Services and Instruction

Professional Media and Creative Services:

Voiceover and Podcast Promos
Writing (including ghostwriting)
Promotions and Ecommerce
Script Supervision
Creative Writing Instruction
Indie Filmmaking Instruction
Project Planning and Development
Project Research and Investigation

Call 980 263 9175
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