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Available All-Natural Therapeutic Services, Natural Remedies, Wellness Guides and Mediation Instruction
I offer the following Natural Therapeutic Wellness Services:

Guided, Mindfulness and Transcendental Meditation
Shamanic Meditation & Journeying   
Reiki Energy Healing  
Reflexology (and Anma massage)
Feng Shui (personal and environmental flow chart) 
Qi Gong (chi kung)       
Gnosticism Study & Fellowship   
Centering Prayer Meditation 
Kundalini Energy Healing      
Dream Interpretation
Osho Kundalini Meditation
Walking and Vibrational (sound) Meditation
Concentration (or visualization) Meditation
Natural Health and Healing (Naturopathy and Homeopathy)

I also offer the following Natural Botanical products and services:

Natural and Organic Botanicals 
Hand-Made Soap   
Natural Cures and Remedies  
Homeopathic Treatment   
Isotonic Therapy   
Toxin Removal  
Metaphysics & Naturopathy

Certified Energy Medicine, Meditation and Natural Health Practitioner.
(Allegra NCBTMB provider # 451562-11 and NAADAC provider #813)

Call 704 931 1019
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Available Multimedia Services and Instruction

Professional Media and Creative Services:

Voiceover and Podcast Promos
Writing (including ghostwriting)
Promotions and E-commerce
Script Supervision
Creative Writing Instruction
Indie Filmmaking Instruction
Project Planning and Development
Project Research and Investigation
Technical Support and Web Development
Systems Integration and Media Architecture

Call 980 263 9175
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